1974 Greenway Corvette

1974 Greenwood Corvette – For Sale

John Greenwood’s white, red and blue Corvettes are the stuff of legend, and this one, up for sale at Grand Prix Classics is one of his greats.

1974 Greenway Corvette

1974 Greenway Corvette is for sale


John Greenwood, known in racing circles as ‘Mr. Corvette”, had been racing Corvettes since 1970 and knew what it took to make the Corvette a competitive race winner. IMSA had recently homologated a “widebody” version of nose, tail and doors for the Corvette and Greenwood recognized the potential. In 1974 Greenwood developed this Corvette utilizing the new “widebody” parts, a coil-over suspension system designed by Bob Riley and chassis designed by Ron Fournier. An IMSA rule change also allowed Greenwood to develop a unique under hood cross ram fuel injection system that was key to the impressive power outputs of his big block Chevrolet L88 race engines. John Greenwoods privately funded racer competed in the IMSA series against the best BMW CSL and Porsche RSR factory teams of the day. The results of Greenwoods efforts were 5 pole positions, two IMSA race wins and an official top speed record of 236mph at Daytona International Raceway. This Greenwood team car holds the official all-time highest speed on Daytona’s banking, greater than Porsche 917s, Ferrari 512s and full-blooded IMSA GTPs – at 236 mph. 1974-GREENWOOD-CORVETTE-3 1974-GREENWOOD-CORVETTE-4 1974-GREENWOOD-CORVETTE-5 1974-GREENWOOD-CORVETTE-6

1974 Greenway Corvette

1974 Greenway Corvette

Of Note:

This Corvette still retains features that were unique to the Greenwood team cars. It is one of two cars with coil-over suspension on all four corners. One of two cars with an acid dipped frame for lightening. It is the only car with the special curved dash. It also retains the special driver seat with the extension for John Greenwood’s leg. This car is a survivor with no major accidents or damage. This Corvette is the one of the most unique and recognizable Corvettes of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. The ownership history is complete and unbroken. A large collection of documentation, photographs and period publications come with the car. There is a chapter dedicated to it in the book “Corvette Racing Legends, The L88 Option”. It has been inspected by John Greenwood and Ron Fournier and verified as the “002″ genuine Spirit of Sebring 1975 race car. Both of them have autographed the dashboard. Corvette expert Lance Smith has also inspected the car and verified its originality and authenticity. Lance also notes that this car is the best, most original and complete of the widebody Greenwood team cars.


An extensive restoration was performed by Maeco Motorsports in 2008-2009 back to 1975 Greenwood racing specifications. The invoices for the work performed total over $245,000. The engine is a Tony Oddo built big block Chevy with a real Greenwood spec cross-ram mechanical fuel injection unit. The dyno sheet shows an impressive 718 HP and 678 lbs/Tq. A fresh race preparation was completed by Maeco Motorsports in December 2010.


Extensive collection of spares including driveline, suspension, and much more. Please inquire for more details.


This is a rare opportunity to own one of the most famous, successful and unique Corvette racing cars of all time. It is a true piece of Corvette Racing history. It is ready to race or show for those who are not timid.

Source: Grand Prix Classics, California, USA.

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