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2012 American Car Classics Show, Queanbeyan

 The American Car Club of Australia hosted the 2012 American Car Classics show, incorporating the Canberra Chrysler Day at Queanbeyan Showgrounds on 1st April 2012.

The trusty GPS took us from Canberra down to Queanbeyan and we eventually found a car park reasonably close to the Showgrounds.  Let’s just say there was a good turnout!

The display cars were arranged in something of a “U” formation with Fords (well represented by Mustangs) down one side and GM cars (including Corvettes, Bel Airs, etc) on the opposite.  Chryslers made up the bottom of the “U”.  There was a small display of period motorbikes and a good collection of refreshments available from tents around the ground.


Easyrider at Amrican Car Classics


Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang at American Car Classics


Dodge Super Bee - Detail

Dodge Super Bee – Detail – at American Car Classics


Chevrolet Stingray Bonnets

Chevrolet Stingray Bonnets at American Car Classics


Somewhat bizarrely there was a fire service demonstration in the centre of the ground where they showed how they rescued someone from a crashed car by cutting the roof off.  The crowd enjoyed it but it did seem a little strange to be destroying a car at a classic car show where owners had spent bucket loads of money on their cars.  Afterwards the fireys let kids (and a few adults) see if they could hit a target with the high pressure water hose.


Chevrolet Truck

Chevrolet Truck at 2012 American Car Classics


Restored Ford F600 Truck

Restored Ford F600 Truck at American Car Classics


1946 Chevrolet Truck

1946 Chevrolet Truck at American Car Classics


Although the Mustangs clearly won out in sheer volume there was still an excellent selection of classic American cars on show.  Most were well restored, but there were some that had been lowered and otherwise modified.  One interesting car was a rare Ocelot buggy, powered by Porsche – there are apparently only 130 left world-wide.   


Rare Ocelot Buggy

Rare Ocelot Buggy at American Car Classics


The pictures tell the story!

 There were some pretty fine awards on hand for a variety of categories, with a special appearance by the American Ambassador Jeffery Bleich who presented the Ambassadors Award for his favourite car.  Later, Diabetes ACT was presented with a cheque for $330 being the proceeds of a raffle held on the day.


American Car Classics - Car of Show Award

American Car Classics – Car of Show Award


 Click Here to visit the American Car Club of Australia website.

Click Here  to view more high resolution images from the 2012 American Car Classics show.


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