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AOMC American Motoring Show 2013

Shannons and AOMC (Association of Motoring Clubs) presented the 2013 American Motoring Show on Sunday 7th April 2013 at the Flemington Racecourse Carpark.

Melbourne’s weather was brilliant which resulted in a huge turnout of cars and visitors.  I had to wait in line for 30 minutes to buy my ticket and I heard that display cars were being turned away as early as 11.00 am.  The bonus was that the carpark had some really interesting cars.

Of all the car shows I have attended at Flemington Racecourse over the years this was the busiest by far.  And this isn’t necessarily a good thing, as to my mind the cars were disorganised and many appeared to be shoved in where-ever they could fit.  If the American Motoring Show is going to be attracting this many cars and visitors each year then the AOMC and Shannons might have to start looking for another venue.

Whilst the weather might have been great for the social aspects of car owners, club members and fans getting together, I can tell you that from a photographer’s perspective too many cars and too many people severely limits the quality of photographs you can take.  That said, I still had a great time checking out all the cars and trade stands and still got to take some decent photos.

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Cars on display at the AOMC American Motoring Show at Flemington.

Cars on display at the AOMC American Motoring Show at Flemington.

In addition to “regular” cars, there was a pretty good selection of hot rods, rat rods and other more individual vehicles.  I have included these in a separate post here.

Click Here to visit our Car Shows & Events Image Gallery for more images of the AOMC American Motoring Show 2013.

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