Association of Motoring Clubs

The Association of Motoring Clubs Inc. (AOMC) is a not for profit organisation established in 1976 and now comprises over 200 member clubs and represents some 45,000 vehicle enthusiasts in Victoria with vehicles from the Veteran era through to current models.

The Association, which is totally run by volunteer staff, represents all hobby motorists at State level and is a member of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc.  Contacts have been established with similar groups in other countries.  The AOMC’s involvement in matters concerning the preservation, restoration, authentication of historic vehicles, and legislation that may affect vehicle enthusiasts is well known and respected by Government and non-Government organisations.

The AOMC admits any bona-fide vehicle club (including motorcycles) as members and having modified vehicles within its ranks does not preclude a club from membership. Here is a very short list of member clubs which clearly shows the diversity of vehicles represented by the AOMC:

  • Bolwell Car Club of Australia
  • Bristol Owners Club of Australia
  • Daimler Lancaster Club of Victoria
  • EH Holden Car Club of Victoria
  • Historic Commercial Vehicle Club of Victoria
  • MG Car Club of Victoria
  • Norton Owners Club of Victoria
  • Rover Car Club of Australia
  • Sunbeam & Talbot Car Club
  • Thunderbird Rod & Custom Club
  • Triumph Sports Owners Association
  • Victorian Mini Club
  • Vintage Drivers Club
  • Vintage Sports Car Club of Victoria
  • Volkswagen Club of Victoria
  • Wolseley Car Club of Victoria

A full list of member clubs is available on the AOMC website  and a Supporter’s Information Service for individuals is also available.

The AOMC communicates with its member clubs through quarterly Newsletters, delegates meetings, special mailings (frequent for topical issues) and visits to clubs, and also runs seminars to assist member clubs in their management and to disseminate relevant information affecting motoring enthusiasts.

The AOMC has ongoing commitments to:

  • Maintaining a register of over 3,000 car clubs around Australia and providing a referral service to those clubs
  • Providing an information service regarding the Club Permit Scheme in Victoria
  • Maintaining a calendar of significant motoring events in Victoria, especially those organised by vehicle clubs, and publishing the list in the Newsletter.
  • Collating, evaluating and distributing information on current topics to:
    • member clubs
    • individual supporters
    • other State level bodies
    • non-member clubs as the need arises.
  • Presenting the American Motoring Show (since 1983) and the Classic Showcase, formerly the British & European Motoring Show, (since 1984) and more recently the Japanese Classic Car Show to raise funds to maintain the AOMC and/or to assist charity.  These Shows give enthusiasts with similar interests and the public a chance to get together in a picnic atmosphere to compare vehicles from other continents


Click here  for more information on the AOMC or AOMC events.

Click here  to see high resolution images in the Classic Car Photography photo galleries relating to various AOMC events.


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