grand day out 2013

The BMC Experience Grand Day Out 2013

The BMC Experience Grand Day Out 2013 was held on Sunday 8th December with very pleasant weather conditions and attendees representing a huge range of BMC cars over the years.

For several years Craig Watson, Editor of The Mini Experience magazine, had promoted a Grand Day Out for Minis at Coopers Settlement in Bundoora Park.  The emphasis was on a fun, social day, with no judging and no pressure.  A highlight of the Grand Day Out was always the rocker cover racing, with some mighty interesting entries over the years.

Since Craig expanded the scope of the magazine and renamed it The BMC Experience, invites to attend the annual Grand Day Out have been extended to all members of the BMC/Leyland family.

The designated area was packed with representatives from many car clubs, including the Morris Car Club, Morris Minor Car Club, Moke Owners Association of Victoria, Victorian Mini Club, and no doubt several clubs whose banners I couldn’t make out.  There was a great display of Leyland P76s and a good sized mob of Mokes.  A few MGs were on display including a beautiful MG TF 1500.  There were many older Morrises and Austins, and a pair of Austin 1800 Utes.

Grand Day Out 2013Grand Day Out 2013Grand Day Out 2013

Grand Day Out 2013

Lots of BMC & Leyland Cars at Grand Day Out 2013

Minis dominated, with some interesting Ute conversions; a Yamaha engine conversion; what appeared to be another twini-Mini from SA although this was possibly a mid-engine conversion; a Mini Van with interesting push out rear windows; a very nicely done Mini convertible, again from SA; and heaps more.  Several “new” MINIs also made their presence felt. BMC-Grand-Day-Out-2013-1020 Grand Day Out 2013 BMC-Grand-Day-Out-2013-1071 BMC-Grand-Day-Out-2013-1119 Grand Day Out 2013

A special mention should also go to three cars on display from the 2013 Shitbox Rally, which raised an enormous amount of money for the Cancer Council.  Craig Watson from the BMC Experience really throws himself into his work and teamed up with a mate to do the 2013 Shitbox Rally in a 1969 Mini Van, and he’s going to do it again in 2014.

Grand Day Out 2013

Team BMC at Grand Day Out 2013

Click Here for more information on this fantastic cause, watch some videos of the 2013 rally and to support Craig and team BMC (Break, Mend, Continue) in the 2014 Rally from Perth to Darwin.

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