Caterham Cars 40th Limited Edition Pack

Caterham Cars Celebrates 40 Years

Caterham Cars has reached 40 years of production and they plan on celebrating the milestone by offering a free Limited Edition Pack for all Seven customers.

Caterham Cars

Caterham Cars Limited Edition Pack

Caterham has been building the Seven since 1973, when original owner, Graham Nearn, acquired the rights to the model from Colin Chapman.  It has continually developed the sportscar but never deviated from Chapman’s original philosophy of “adding lightness” and placing the driving experience at the heart of the engineering process.

Available to buyers from the UK or any of Caterham’s export markets at no cost, the pack has been designed to evoke the nostalgia of the early Sevens and includes optional equipment which would typically cost thousands of pounds.

The limited edition ‘40 Years of Caterham’ pack includes:

  • Grey painted chassis, replicating the original Lotus Seven colour
  • Ruby red ‘40YOC’ paint, with bespoke bonnet stripes
  • Hand-tailored leather seats, with grey piping
  • Grey leather dashboard
  • Bespoke tunnel top, with grey handbrake and gearstick gaiters
  • Unique, numbered dash plaque
  • New 15” silver alloy wheels**, with Caterham embossing and Avon ZV3 tyres
  • ‘40YOC’ wheel centres and ignition key

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Caterham Cars

Caterham Cars 40th Limited Edition Pack

Prices for Seven kick off at 19,995 GBP for the Roadsport 125 and rise to 42,495 GBP for the range-topping Superlight R500.

Click Here for more details from Caterham UK.

A bit of history about the “clubman” market

Colin Chapman designed the Lotus Seven in 1957 and thereby invented what is now generally referred to as the “clubman” car. It also kick-started Lotus as a manufacturer and formed the backbone of the financial structure of the young company during its formative years.

This ingenious design has now withstood the test of time and with Caterham Cars officially taking over the manufacturing rights of the Seven in 1973, it is now 53-years since the original concept first entered production.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then the Caterham Seven is doing well. Over the years, many (unauthorised) other “clubman” style cars have copied the basic design of the timeless (Lotus) Caterham Seven.

The simplicity of the “clubman” design has also encouraged many enthusiasts to home build a car from a “kit”.  Whilst always easier said than done, the idea of building your own “clubman” is certainly an idea which has been popular with enthusiasts since the first Lotus Sevens entered production. The possibility of some “savings” was an added attraction, albeit somewhat “hidden” behind the time cost it takes to actually complete a car.

Click Here to visit the Caterham Cars Australia website.

Clubman cars, including Caterhams, have their own category in the Marque Sports Car Association Victoria Super Sprint Championship.

Click Here to visit our Motorsport Image Gallery for more images of clubman cars, including Caterhams.

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