Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485 for Australia

Caterham Cars Australia has just announced that the next new model for Australia will be the Caterham Seven 485.

Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485

 Extract from Caterham Cars Australia’s latest Press Release:

This new model is the first to arrive under a new model nameplate naming philosophy.  Caterham have decided to emphasize the Seven aspect of the name to a greater extent in future, thereby drawing on the Seven’s model nameplate heritage, which dates back to 1957.

The 485 part of the model name needs some explanation.  Caterham Cars Limited have decided to use the European PS ‘horsepower’ rating of the engine as basis and then to double that output for the first two numbers in the sequence.  Hence, the 240 PS power output of the 2-litre engine in this model changes to ‘48’.  The ‘5’ indicates compliance with the Euro 5 emissions standard.  Therefore, we can expect to see a Seven 486 in the fullness of time.

For UK based cars, which are certified to a lower level, a ‘0’ is used, as in the recently announced ‘620’-range.  These models are not available in Australia, as Australian cars are all based on the European Community Small Series Type Approval standard (ECSSTA).

Caterham Cars Australia is presently working on Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance for the Seven 485 and it is anticipated to have this model available for sale later this year.  Many Australian Caterham prospects have hankered after the Caterham R500, which has received such favourable publicity in magazines and on programmes such as Top Gear, but as the R500 is a UK only model, it has not been available in the Australian market.  The new Caterham Seven 485 goes a long way to provide R500-like performance to Australian enthusiasts.

Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485

Whilst Australian Caterham sales have been tiny, there has been an increase in inquiry and orders taken since the start of the Caterham Formula 1 team last year, which has helped greatly to build brand awareness.

Within the next six months, the existing model range will have been discontinued, replaced by a new range of SEVENS!

Info from the Caterham UK Website about the Caterham Seven 485:

The Seven 485 is currently for export only, and is not available in the UK.

The high performance, range-topping variant of the iconic sports car is the latest model available in mainland Europe and beyond, boasting extreme performance and technical enhancements, taking the minimalist, lightweight philosophy to a new level.  Channelling the Caterham brand’s philosophy of ‘accessible fun’, the new 2.0-litre Seven joins its existing EU5-compliant 1.6 and 2.0-litre models.

Designed to provide a new high performance benchmark, the 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine which powers Caterham’s premium range of Sevens has been re-developed to be more powerful but still EU5-compliant in conjunction with the Caterham Group’s engineering consultancy, Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI).  CTI’s extensive development work has resulted in an additional 65ps over the most powerful existing EU5 Caterhams available across Europe, Japan and many other countries worldwide, delivering formidable, high-adrenalin performance.  The new engine delivers its peak power at a lofty 8,500rpm, resulting in one of the world’s highest revving EU5-compliant engines which also boasts an incredible 120ps-per-litre.

Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485

New to Caterham, the latest car includes a ‘Sport’ mode which, when selected, provides the car with even sharper driving characteristics, while enabling the vehicle to deliver its peak performance.  Other key engineering enhancements include a new-look exhaust arrangement, which removes the need for a rear-exit exhaust system, reducing back pressure and weight by 13kg. Performance is bold – the sprint to 100kph takes just over three seconds, before propelling the Seven 485 to a maximum speed of 225kph.  The power is conveyed to the road via a six-speed gearbox and the new car sits on adjustable dampers with Eibach Springs.

The Seven 485 is available with both the standard chassis and the wide-bodied ‘SV’ chassis.  The standard chassis offers the compact lightweight dimensions that have made the Seven a legend in its 50 year history.

Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485

The SV chassis gives increased interior and luggage space due to the greater width and length of the car, making it suited for extended touring or for customers over 6’2″ in height.  The SV also benefits from the additional stability offered by wide-track front suspension and increased range from a larger fuel tank, with a 50kg weight penalty over the standard chassis.

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