chryslers at caribbean 2017

Chryslers at Caribbean 2017

Chryslers at Caribbean 2017 was held on Sunday 22nd October 2017 at Caribbean Gardens in Scoresby, Victoria.  Chryslers at Caribbean is the annual ‘show ‘n shine’ event for the Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia.

Sunday started out overcast but the turnout was a tribute to the determination of Chrysler club members.  One of the features of Chryslers at Caribbean is that it always attracts a great turnout and from such a huge diverse group of classic car owners.

To be fair, many car club events feature a single marque, or even a single model of car, but Chryslers at Caribbean 2017 featured cars from most branches of the Chrysler family: Chrysler, Valiant, De Soto, Plymouth, Dodge, and Fargo – they were all there!

One might have expected the cars on display to be mostly the local Valiants, R&S models, AP5 & AP6, Chargers, Pacers and so on, but not only was there such a diverse range of Chrysler cars, by my reckoning the local models were pretty close to being outnumbered by the vintage and veteran, and imported models.

A bright yellow hot rod captured a lot of attention, but there was also a beautifully done low-rider up the back that deserved a good look.  There was also an older Safari wagon with a bit of a ‘rat’ look.

The green “Drifter” panel van and another van were there, as well as Ute or two.

chryslers at caribbean 2017 chryslers at caribbean 2017 chryslers at caribbean 2017

There were a number of cars from the vintage and veteran classification.

And several newer models including a few PT Cruisers and 300Cs, and a few other sports models.

Unfortunately the weather turned a bit nasty later in the morning and I beat a hasty retreat and didn’t stick around to see the judging scheduled for later in the day.  I imagine that competition for the 16 or so trophies would have been pretty fierce.

Congratulations to the organisers of Chryslers at Caribbean 2017 – it was a pity that the weather didn’t turn out better.

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