Classic Car Books, Magazines, Brochures etc for Sale

Classic Car Photography is currently downsizing it’s decades old collection of classic car books, magazines, brochures, etc.  So apart from selling copies of the recently released book “Bolwell: An Australian Icon” for which I was a major contributor, I am currently listing a range of items on eBay, under the seller name carmobilia.

Many of these items were collected as part of research for the many magazine articles I prepared for the likes of Australian Classic Car magazine (ACCM), VW Magazine Australia (VMWA) and The Mini Experience (now renamed The BMC Experience).  Over time, however, bargains were found and the collection grew somewhat out of control.

These classic car books, magazines, brochures, etc have followed me from house to house but as much as I love going out to my man-cave and reading through a bit of classic car history, the time has come to downsize.  And I mean seriously downsize.  So out they go at more than reasonable prices.

collage of classic car books magazines brochures

Some of the classic car books, magazines, brochures, etc selling (or maybe sold) on eBay

Some items go ridiculously quickly while others take a bit longer, but I am keen to sell everything.  The carmobilia store generally lists items with a “Buy It Now” price, but also usually offers a “Make a Bid” option on items.  If anyone thinks that I am being a bit optimistic with my asking price, they are welcome to make an offer at a price they think the item is worth.  When an offer is received, I may accept it, or make a counter offer, but my intention is to get everything sold as soon as possible.

If you’re a collector of classic car books, magazine, brochures, etc, then head on over to the carmobilia store on eBay and check out what’s available.  Why not save carmobilia as a Favourite Seller?

Thank you, and good hunting!

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