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Coming Events – MSCAV at Winton

The last MSCAV round for the 2013 season will be held at Winton Raceway on Sunday 3rd November 2013.



A feature of this round will be inclusion of up to 30 Corvettes as part of the 2013 Corvette Nationals Track Day.

Here’s the latest from the Competition Secretary at the MSCAV:

The MSCAV makes Winton easier to race.

So we were having a wee think and asking why don’t more people go to Winton? And some-one said because you’ve got to get out of bed at 4 am to get to the track from Melbourne in time to check in.

Mmmmm.  Good point.

So we’ve decided to have the usual check in & scrutiny times for those who get there around 7 am and want their full complement of runs.


A second check in & scrutiny for those who want an extra hour or two sleep on the Saturday night.

So here’s  how the program will work:

EARLY ARRIVALS: (the usual) check in/scrutiny times:

  • Check In Opens 7:15 and closes at 8:20
  • Scrutiny Opens at 7:20 and closes at 8:35
  • Drivers Briefing 8:40


  • Everyone who arrives at check after 8:20 will be regarded as a late arrival.
  • Novices will not get the benefit of familiarisation laps. So arrive early please.
  • Check In Opens at 9:15 and closes at 9:45
  • Scrutiny Opens at 9:20 and closes at 10:00
  • Drivers Briefing 10:45
  • Sprint Entrants will miss the first run of the day.
  • Regularity competitors will have to guess their times without the benefit of a timed run.

So we’ve made it just a bit easier (and possibly cheaper) to compete in MSCAV at Winton.

Go for it!


Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for images from previous MSCAV rounds for 2013 and prior years.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download.

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