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Day of the Volkswagen 2013

Day of the Volkswagen 2013 saw hundreds of VWs of all descriptions flock to Yarra Valley Racecourse in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs on Sunday 20th October 2013.


Click Here to read our Coming Events post on DoVW 2013, which explains some of the history of this show, now in its 32nd year, and some finer points of the judging system.

Plenty of VWs and People at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

Plenty of VWs and People at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

One of the really fascinating things about the Day of the Volkswagen is that it attracts such a diverse range of Volkswagens and Volkswagen enthusiasts.  Perhaps we’re being a bit simplistic but the VWs seem to fall into several categories:

  • Basic daily drivers – these are cars that are driven relatively frequently and are maintained well in close to original specs
  • Modified – these are cars that have been modified, from mild to wild, with wheels, tyres, lowered suspension, fibreglass panels, chopped rooves, etc
  • Restored – cars that have been given a ground up/bare metal restoration and are probably in better condition now than when they left the factory
  • Unrestored – cars that are in absolutely original, unrestored condition.  There is some debate in classic car circles whether an original car is preferable to a restored car.
  • Rats – these are cars that have deliberately been given an aged appearance with rust, antique paint jobs, typically lots of period accessories, etc.  Often have hot motors and very nice wheels in contrast to the rest of their appearance.

Again, perhaps we’re being a bit simplistic, but whatever your preference there were Volkswagens of all types at Day of the Volkswagen 2013.

It also doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 3, Karmman Ghia, Golf, Passat, Polo, Amarok, Syncro or anything else associated with Volkswagen, there were likely to be several examples at Day of the Volkswagen 2013 [although there were no Country Buggies this year].  In addition, there were a series of talks about different aspects of owning and modifying your VW, roaming musicians, plenty of food and drink vendors, plus traders stands, activities for the kids, and plenty more.

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Plenty to see at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

Plenty to see at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

Day of the Volkswagen is also a bit different to other car shows in that the judging is done as vehicles enter the venue, so that once they have been judged they can park with friends regardless of their particular vehicle and enjoy the day socialising.  This is in contrast to most other car shows where vehicles are strictly categorised and lined up in an orderly manner with like vehicles.  DoVW is therefore a lot more relaxed.

We would like to give a bit of a plug to George and the boys at Vollkommen Art.  They always have a great display of several vehicles to show off their talents and workmanship.  Classic Car Photography worked with the boys a few years ago for a photoshoot of a superb black and yellow Type 3 for VW Magazine Australia.  It wasn’t at this year’s DoVW but it was gratifying to see the cover of VWMA with our photo of the car framed and on display.

Vollkommen Art handiwork and some of their awards at DoVW 2013

Vollkommen Art handiwork and some of their awards at DoVW 2013

Also worthy of comment was the VW Club’s 1967 Beetle restoration project.  This is a great volunteer project for which donations of time and materials is being sought. A series of club workshops has already started to cover basic parts of the restoration process.  The restored Beetle will be auctioned at the 2014 Day of the Volkswagen, which celebrates 60 years of the VW Club, and the proceeds of the auction will be donated to charity.  For more information about the Volkswagen Club of Victoria please Click Here to visit their website.

VW Club Restoration Project on display at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

VW Club Restoration Project on display at Day of the Volkswagen 2013

Click Here to see details of Trophy Winners from DoVW 2013.

Click Here to visit our Car Shows and Events Image Gallery for more images from the Day of the Volkswagen 2013.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download.

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2 Responses to Day of the Volkswagen 2013

  1. Riddoch November 1, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Its really fascinating to see all these beautiful cars altogether. Volkswagen has always tried to keep all its customers happy by providing a wide range of car of all categories of customers.

    • Tony November 1, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

      I agree totally. Although I really love the classic VWs, their range of cars has always been fantastic.

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