Search for Power at VMCI Mini Show 2013

Engine Bays at VMCI Mini Show 2013

There were some very, very interesting engine bays at the VMCI Mini Show 2013 held at Holmesglen TAFE on Sunday 17 November 2013.

Search for Power at VMCI Mini Show 2013

Search for Power at VMCI Mini Show 2013

Gone are the days when the only option for a Mini modifier was to chuck out their old engine and stick in a rebuilt 1275 cc block from a Cooper S and add on a whole lot of modified bits and pieces like pistons, cams, heads, manifolds, extractors, carbies, etc.  Of course you could bore out the block a little to gain a bit of additional engine capacity, but essentially it was all the same basic concept and there weren’t too many other options available.

Several years ago Classic Car Photography wrote a feature article for Australian Classic Car magazine on Norm Gowers’ Honda VTEC powered Mini.  At the time it was almost ahead of its time and Norm did extremely well in hillclimbs, winning many awards and championships.

The recent VMCI Mini Show 2013 really opened my eyes as to what is happening these days in terms of the search for power in Minis, including carby set-ups, engine transplants, supercharging, and more.

The following images show a variety of approaches to engine bays in the search for more power from a Mini.

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Search for Power at VMCI Mini Show 2013

The Search for Power at VMCI Mini Show 2013

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