Ford Capri – Capris at Caribbean

On Sunday 17th September 2017 the Capri Car Club held their Annual Club Display and Show ‘n Shine for all models of Ford Capri at Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby.

After many weeks of rain and wind the weather gods were cooperative on the day and presented the club with fine, sunny weather to be enjoyed by all.

Classic Ford Capris mixed things up later Capri convertibles, some magnificent modified and racing Capris, and a small selection of Ford Cortinas and Escorts.  There was even a lonely early 2 door Falcon.

By my reckoning there were about 40 or so cars on display and club members and on-lookers alike admired the display.

Judges inspected each car for the awards to be presented later in the day while raffle ticket sellers were also around.  The BBQs at Caribbean Gardens were fired up for an enjoyable hot lunch.

The Capri Car Club Inc. is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Formed in 1982, the Capri Car Club was originally established with the Australian assembled Ford Capri Mark 1 in mind, however the club now welcomes all Ford Capri models, ranging from the original Consul Capri, the European designed Ford Capri Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 to the Australian designed and built Ford Capri Convertible. Many members of the Capri Car Club are lucky enough to own fully imported European built Mark 2 and Mark 3 Ford Capris.

The Capri Car Club is affiliated with CAMS, the AOMC, the Capri Club International (based in the United Kingdom) and is a member of the Small Fords Alliance, designed to provide a stronger alliance between similar car clubs throughout Victoria.

For more information about the Ford Capri and the Capri Car Club please visit their website here

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