Falcon XR Coupe for sale on Unique Cars

Ford Falcon XR Coupe 2 Door – For Sale

Unique Cars currently has a listing for a 1967 Falcon XR coupe – 2 door.

Every now and again a 2 door Falcon based on an American coupe pops up, often in the guise of a 2 door GT, but this one doesn’t go quite that far. It does however have power steering and a new 5 litre V8 and auto transmission under the bonnet.

Falcon XR Coupe for sale on Unique Cars

Falcon XR Coupe for sale on Unique Cars

Here’s what the advertisement has to say:

A full nut and bolt restoration of a nice original USA 1967 Ford Falcon Futura 2 door sports coupe. NEW EVERYTHING. RHD. Complianced. Rebuilt late model 5 L unleaded motor, 4 wheel DISC BRAKES, later model Falcon power steering. The list goes ON and ON and ON. Car has cost to date between $65 and $67 grand. Driven approx 450 klms since being finished and never in the rain. THIS IS A SHOW and DRIVE CAR It’s RARE and UNIQUE; LOOKS BETTER THEN A GT

Click Here to visit the Unique Cars website advertisement for the 1967 Ford Falcon XR coupe.

Here’s a photo of an American 2 door coupe that is similar to the starting point for the Falcon XR coupe currently for sale. It’s a pity that Ford Australia didn’t make cars like this.

American 2 door Ford Falcon coupe

American 2 door Falcon coupe

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