historic winton 2013

Historic Winton 2013 – Incidents

Motorsport can be dangerous, and Historic Winton 2013, held over 25-26 May 2013, was no exception with quite a number of off-track incidents which ended in the kitty litter.

historic winton 2013

Seems like fun here in the kitty litter at Historic Winton 2013

Fortunately, unlike the recent incident when a Ferrari slammed into a wall at Sandown, the majority of off-track events simply ended up as excursions into the kitty litter.  As far as we could see, no-one was seriously injured at Winton.  In fact, in at least one such kitty litter adventure, the driver seemed to be enjoying himself (or maybe the attention he had created).

Classic Car Photography was fortunate to capture exactly how competitive some drivers were at Historic Winton 2013, as demonstrated by their kitty litter exploits.

historic-winton-2013-8003_WEB historic-winton-2013-8005_WEB

historic winton 2013

Several Kitty Litter Incidents at Historic Winton 2013

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