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Historic Winton 2013 – Not Just a Car Race

Historic Winton 2013, held over 25-26 May 2013, was the 37th Historic Winton, making it Australia’s longest running all historic motor race meeting.

But Historic Winton 2013 is not just a series of historic car races; there are many club displays, multiple food and coffee stands and traders, and a huge variety of historic and classic cars on display.  It’s a combination of car show, race event, and a whole lot more.

This sheer variety makes it extremely difficult to see everything that’s going on, even if you’re there for both days.  This year there was so much going on at different places around the Winton race track that there was a courtesy bus to transport patrons to the various displays, and areas of interest.

Classic Car Photography’s general plan of attack, and we’ve been to Historic Winton many times, is to start by having a good look at the program to understand the order and scheduled times for the various classes and categories of racing.

Then we do a quick round of the car park and display area to check out the many interesting cars on display.  Historic Winton 2013 celebrated 100 years of Morris and Aston Martin; 60 years since the first Redex trial; 60 years of Sunbeam Alpine, FJ Holden and Triumph TR2; 50 years since the first Bathurst; 50 years of EH Holden, Lamborghini and Lightburn Zeta; and 40 years of the Leyland P76.  There were various displays to celebrate.

historic winton 2013

Variety of vehicles in the car park/display area

historic winton 2013

Commercial vehicles display

historic winton 2013

P76 Display at Historic Winton 2013

historic winton 2013

Hot Rods add variety to the Displays

historic winton 2013

Wayne’s Triden was back!

Next we have a good look around the pit area.  This is a really fascinating place and it’s interesting to see the racing cars “in the raw” rather than in full race trim.

historic winton 2013

Really interesting sights in the pit area at Historic Winton 2013

Then it’s generally a change to the zoom lens and off to see what’s happening on the actual race track.

Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images of Historic Winton 2013.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital downloads.

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