Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc cars

Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc

Possibly the favourite events at the Historic Winton 2014weekend  for Classic Car Photography were those for Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc cars.

Group Nb cars are described as Classic Saloon Cars appropriate to the period to 1965. Within Group Nb are separate categories for engine capacities up to 1300 cc and those over 1300 cc. Group Nb racing at Historic Winton 2014 was dominated by the Mini Cooper S, with the larger capacity group including FE and EH Holdens, Ford/Lotus Cortinas, and Ford Mustangs.

Group Nc cars are described as Touring Cars appropriate period prior to 1973. Group Nc cars are categorised based on engine capacity up to 2000 cc and over 2000 cc, and racing at Historic Winton 2014 featured a more diverse group of cars including Datsun 1600, Mini Cooper S, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford Falcon GT, Ford Mustang, Valiant Charger and a Mazda RX2.

Classic Car Photography has captured much of the Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc action. Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc cars historic-winton-2014_5100_web historic-winton-2014_5079_web historic-winton-2014_5055_web historic-winton-2014_5052_web historic-winton-2014_5121_web historic-winton-2014_5004_web historic-winton-2014_5046_web historic-winton-2014_5040_web

Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc cars

Historic Winton 2014 Group Nb & Nc cars

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Please note that images from Historic Winton 2014 have basically been uploaded into our galleries in the event sequence:

  • Display Cars
  • Regularity One
  • Formula Ford
  • Group M & O Sports and Racing
  • Group Lb Sports and Racing
  • Group Q & R Sports and Racing
  • Regularity Two
  • Group J & K Sports and Racing
  • Group Sa Sb Sc
  • Group Nb Nc
  • Parade Laps
  • Incidents

All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download. Prices start at $10 for a digital download and from $15 for an 8” x 12” print (plus postage).

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