Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps

Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps

The Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps for invited spectator vehicles are one of the all-time favourites at every Historic Winton.

Special highlights for Historic Winton 2014 included:

  • 110 years of Hispano Suiza, Rolls Royce, Rover and Crossley
  • 100 years of Dodge, Willys-Knight, Aston Martin and Maserati
  • 90 years of Bentley Le Mans victories, Bugatti Type 35 and Frazer Nash
  • 80 years of Simca, Citroen Traction Avant, Chrysler Airflow, Lagonda Rapier and Austin 7 Ruby
  • 60 years of Borgward Isabella, Ford Thunderbird and Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint
  • 50 years of Ford Mustang and Sunbeam Tiger

Classic Car Photography has captured a representative sample of the cars participating in the Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps.

Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps

Historic Winton 2014 Sunday Parade Laps

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Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images from Historic Winton 2014.

Please note that images from Historic Winton 2014 have basically been uploaded into our galleries in the event sequence:

  • Display Cars
  • Regularity One
  • Formula Ford
  • Group M & O Sports and Racing
  • Group Lb Sports and Racing
  • Group Q & R Sports and Racing
  • Regularity Two
  • Group J & K Sports and Racing
  • Group Sa Sb Sc
  • Group Nb Nc
  • Parade Laps
  • Incidents

All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download. Prices start at $10 for a digital download and from $15 for an 8” x 12” print (plus postage).

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