HQ Holden at VSCRC at Sandown

HQ Holdens in a Hurry – VSCRC at Sandown

The HQ Holdens were out in force at Round 2 of the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship, VSCRC at Sandown International Raceway on 18-19 May 2013.

The HQs are a particular favourite here at Classic Car Photography – possibly because in our youth we owned a 253 V8 HQ panel van.

From a historic/classic racing perspective the HQ Holdens is a great series for spectators and I am sure this is true for the drivers also.

HQ Racing is a registered CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) category.  It has been racing for over 20 Years and is still going strong.  HQ Racing is a heavily regulated category, designed to provide close racing and develop race craft at an affordable price. In fact, the HQ Racing Association’s motto is: “Affordable Excitement…”

The HQ class of racing is a one make series based on the HQ Holden; 202 ci 6 cylinder engine; 3 speed manual transmission; in a 4 door sedan with front disc brakes as produced by GMH between 1971 and 1974.  The HQ Holden class is designed to produce close racing at a minimum cost.

Click Here to visit the HQ Racing Association Victoria’s website to find out more about HQ Holden racing.

vscrc201305-5109_WEB vscrc201305-5107_WEB vscrc201305-5103_WEB HQ Holden at VSCRC at Sandown

HQ Holdens at VSCRC at Sandown

HQ Holdens at VSCRC at Sandown

The HQ Racing Association runs a number of its competition events in conjunction with the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship series, and Round 2 of the VSCRC series at Sandown was one of those events.

There were 22 entrants according to the VSCRC program and 20 cars are reported in the Natsoft results for the event.  Car 21 dominated, with wins in each of the four race sessions.

Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images of HQ Holdens and other competitors at VSCRC at Sandown.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital downloads.

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