Morgan 3 Wheeler at Heathrow

Morgan 3 Wheeler Flies in for the Australian Grand Prix

The first story that Classic Car Photography ever wrote for Australian Classic Car magazine featured a Morgan Plus8.  And what a car that was!  We subsequently wrote a number of other Morgan stories and got to know the Morgan marque and various members of the Morgan community quite well.  The Morgan 3 Wheeler, however, is quite a different kettle of fish from the more accepted four wheel versions.

Morgan 3 Wheeler at Heathrow

Morgan 3 Wheeler Ready for Despatch at Heathrow

The Morgan motor company started with a three-wheeler car in 1909.  Typically powered by a V-twin air cooled motorcycle engine, it even sported the very first independent front suspension system fitted to any car.  The Morgan 3 Wheelers were soon produced in great numbers.  They were affordable, easy to service and reliable transport in that early era of motoring.

After over 100 years of production, Morgan has once again resurrected the 3 Wheeler.  It is a unique concept, offering character and charm, speed and excitement.  And more importantly, it provides an element often missing in current cars – fun!

Morgan 3 Wheeler in Action

Morgan 3 Wheeler in Action

The new Morgan 3 Wheeler is powered by a V-twin 2.0 engine, made by American specialist engine builder, S&S.  Weighing only 550 kg it will reach 100 km/h in about 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of around 200 km/h.

Morgan 3 Wheeler in "War Paint"

Morgan 3 Wheeler in “War Paint”

Morgan Cars Australia has just advised that after 2-years of hard work in preparation for Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance, the first ADR Test & Evaluation Morgan 3 Wheeler unit is currently at Heathrow, awaiting a flight to Melbourne.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan 3 Wheeler

According to Chris van Wyk from Morgan Cars Australia,

Fortunately we have been able to get a rather good discount on the flight costs, particularly after we advised the airline that our M3W does not require any champagne on the flight, nor any special attention from the hostie.

Its first public appearance with the Australian public will be in Albert Park, Melbourne next week for the running of the 2013 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, where it will be displayed in Auto Avenue, located behind the pits en route to the Paddock Club.

The public will be able to see this unique new vehicle, together with a Morgan Aero SuperSports and a new Morgan 4/4.

After the Grand Prix, this Morgan 3 Wheeler will used to address the final ADR homologation issues, prior to official certification for sale in Australia.

Morgan Cars Australia anticipates obtaining ADR compliance in the first half of this year and for the first Australian production units to be built in the second half of 2013.

For more information, please Click Here to visit the Morgan Cars Australia website.

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