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Movie Star Car Christine’s 30th Anniversary

2013 sees the 30th anniversary of Christine – both the novel and the movie – and this year’s “Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals” held the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania will include a special display dedicated to the fiendish Fury.  This year’s Chryslers at Carlisle will take place July 12-14, 2013.


Christine Movie Star Car plymouth fury

Christine Movie Star Car – images from Christine Car Club

Writer Stephen King said he chose a 1958 Plymouth Fury to play the inhuman title character in his book from the year prior because Furys

were the most mundane Fifties car that I could remember. I didn’t want a car that already had a legend attached to it like the fifties Thunderbird, the Ford Galaxies etc… Nobody ever talked about the Plymouth products.

Christine Movie Star Car

Book Covers – Christine

King did a good job of attaching a new legend to the Fury:  After his book was released in April 1983, producer Richard Kobritz and director John Carpenter turned it into a film that was released in December 2013.

christine plymouth fury

Movie Poster – Christine

Some poetic license was taking in converting the book to a film, with, for instance, author King describing Christine as a red and white four door withstainless trim; he explained that it was a custom order. Carpenter made it a two-door hardtop but stuck to the same “custom order” explanation for the red paint.

If you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick summary of the plot:

Arnie Cunningham is a typical high school nerd who is picked on, overruled by his parents, and has very few friends.  That is until he meets Christine, a run-down 1958 Plymouth Fury and buys her.  Arnie learns that Christine has a thing for him and devotes his time to restoring her to mint condition.  But over time, Arnie begins to change and becomes disconnected with reality and his friends.  Arnie’s girlfriend Leigh and best friend Dennis find out that Christine’s previous owner cared about nothing else when he bought her and find out that Arnie is becoming just like him.  The only way they can bring Arnie back to reality is to destroy Christine, but Arnie and Christine are ready to destroy them first and any one else who gets in their way.

Of the two dozen or so cars built for the movie only four are known to survive today.  Carpenter reportedly kept one; another was given away in a promotional contest; and two were diverted to private owners before the rest ended up in Bill and Ed’s Auto Wrecking in California.  Unlike the fictional Christine, the various film Christines didn’t have the ability to repair themselves.

One of those latter two surviving cars will appear at Chryslers at Carlisle alongside five of the movie’s cast members: Keith Gordon (who played Arnie Cunningham), Alexandra Paul (who played Leigh Cabot), William Ostrander (who played Buddy Repperton), Malcolm Danare (who played Moochie Wells) and Steven Tash (who played Rich Cholony).

Click Here to visit the Chryslers at Carlisle website for more details of this event.

Click Here to visit the Christine Car Club website.

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