MSCA 2015 Round 7 at Phillip Island

Saturday 12th September saw the successful running of the MSCA 2015 Round 7 at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit.

The MSCA continues to go from strength to strength with another fully subscribed Super Sprint and Regularity Championship event with some 100 Super Sprint competitors and around 20 entrants in the Regularity series.


The weather could best be described as “typical” Phillip Island. The morning started out cloudy but the sun came out around 10 o’clock for a good 20 minutes or so and was then replaced by light showers. Fortunately things fined up and most of the afternoon competition was a nice dry track. There was however a bit of wind about.

The make-up of entrants from the various MSCA member clubs and from visitors has been changing throughout the 2015 season, and MSCA 2015 Round 7 was no exception. Lotus Club Victoria consistently has the highest number of competitors each round, followed by the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Association Victoria, Triumph Sports Owners Club of Victoria and the Victorian 86/BRZ Club. This round, the visiting BMW Car Club of Victoria had around a dozen competitors entered, a much larger number than for any other event in the 2015 season.

BMWs at MSCA 2015 Round 7 at Phillip Island

It was great to see so many BMWs at Phillip Island and hopefully we’ll see more BMWs at future MSCA events.

A few of the Classics at MSCA 2015 R7 at Phillip Island

MSCA2015R7-3528_stomped MSCA2015R7-3844_stomped MSCA2015R7-3495_stompedOther clubs to have a greater than usual number of competitors at MSCA 2015 Round 7 were the Toyota Car Club, Phillip Island Auto Racing Club and Victorian Historic Racing Register. Again it was great to see some Classics that we don’t usually see at MSCA events.

Also of interest were the three Chevrolet Corvettes competing at Phillip Island, and a collection of high powered Falcons and Commodores that we don’t usually see.

Corvettes at MSCA 2015 Round 7 at Phillip Island


Once more tribute must be paid to the highly successful organising team at the MSCA who do such a great job in organising such successful and smooth running motorsport events. They are all volunteers and are assisted by a band of other volunteer check-in people, scrutineers, marshals and others who all combine to make the MSCA events such a success.

MSCA2015R7-4560_stomped MSCA2015R7-4561_stomped

Hint: the MSCA is always looking for more volunteers so if you have an interest in motorsports and can help please contact the MSCA via their new website Here.

If you would like to find out more about the MSCA’s Marque Sports Car Championship, Super Sprint Championship or Regularity Championship, please Click Here.

I got a bit carried away with my camera and have uploaded over 150 images from MSCA 2015 R7 at Phillip Island to the Classic Car Photography motorsports Image Gallery. If you were a competitor there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a photo of you in action there.

Please Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images from MSCA 2015 R7 at Phillip Island.

All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download. Prices start at $10 for a digital download and from $15 for an 8” x 12” print (plus postage).

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