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MSCA 2016 Round 1 at Sandown

MSCA 2016 Round 1 was held at Sandown International Raceway on Sunday 7th February 2016.

The weather was warmish with a clear sky but a bit more of a breeze would have made things nearly perfect. It was a bit hot for drivers out on the track and a bit warm for photographers standing out in the open taking photos.

MSCA 2016 Round 1 at Sandown was very well attended after most of the competitors had a bit of rest from competition over the Christmas and New Year period.

Regularity had 19 entrants, ranging from several Clubman style cars, a couple of Jaguar XJ6s, a few Triumph TR7s, a Commodore, a few Austin Healeys, Sprites and MGs, and various others. Drivers had a practice round to establish times and then three runs of 4 laps each. Interestingly, according to the preliminary Natsoft results, each round had a different leader. It will be interesting to see the “official” MSCA results when they are finalised.

There were a total of 94 drivers competing in the Marque Sports Car and Super Sprint championship rounds. As usual there were a good number of Lotuses on the track, and a good turnout of Clubman style cars, along with the usual MGs, Spridgets, Nissans, Fiats, Porsches, and so on. Many drivers achieved up to 27 laps in total, which represents pretty good value for their entry fees.

As a photographer I love to see orange cars as they are usually so great to photograph – there were four orange cars at MSCA 2016 R1, ranging from a Torana, a couple of Lotuses (Loti?) and a Holden Kingswood. How great was that?

It was also a real treat for me to see an AC Cobra out on the track. I spoke to the driver, Rob Rowland, and he told me that he hadn’t driven in a Sprint type event for nearly 10 years and was having a fantastic time.

msca2016r1-4001_ccp msca2016r1-4013_ccp msca2016r1-4064_ccp msca2016r1-4079_ccp msca2016r1-4088_ccp msca2016r1-4139_ccp msca2016r1-4148_ccp msca2016r1-4172_ccp msca2016r1-4256_ccp msca 2016 triumph tr7 classiccar photography msca 2016 round 1 at sandown clubman

All in all it was a great day with only a few casualties needing assistance from the recovery vehicles.

Preliminary results are available from the Natsoft website but these are NOT official MSCA Championship results which will be published on the MSCA website shortly.

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