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MSCA 2016 Round 7 at Phillip Island

MSCA 2016  Round 7 was held at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on Saturday 17th September 2016.

Competitors and spectators alike were thinking that the MSCA must have had a hotline to the heavens as the day featured blue skies and a dry day of sprinting in a week that saw floods across parts of regional Victoria and generally pretty miserable weather everywhere.  There was no escaping the Phillip Island wind, however, especially for photographers standing beside the track trying to take photos of often ridiculously fast moving objects.

According to the MSCA, the fastest time of the day for MSCA 2016 R7 went to John Richardson in his Nissan Silvia S14 – a “Time Attack Car” with a blistering 1.35.0044.  John edged out Nick Karanos in his Porsche 997 with a very respectable time of 1.35.6596.  To put this into perspective the V8 Supercar lap record for Phillip Island is 1.32.02.

msca 2016 round 7 porsche

The MSCA’s regularity class has continued to grow in popularity and often boasts the largest number of competitors per class – there were 18 regularity entrants in this round at Phillip Island. The MSCA is proud to be the only sprint series that provides a dedicated Regularity class.  This has proven to be the ideal starting place for Come and Try participants and a competitive place for ageing/precious cars.

msca 2016 round 7 regularity msca 2016 round 7 regularity msca 2016 round 7 regularity

Porsche entries were up as the MSCA welcomed the Porsche club and their interstate friends who took advantage of running at MSCA 2016 Round 7 to warm up for the Victorian Porsche Club sprint at Phillip Island the following day.

msca 2016 round 7 porsche msca 2016 round 7 porsche msca 2016 round 7 porsche

Apart from the Porsches, there was a good spread of competitors across both the Super Sprint and the Marque Sports Car championships.

msca-2016-r7-3877-600 msca-2016-r7-3472-600 msca-2016-r7-3463-600 msca-2016-r7-3213-600 msca-2016-r7-3114-600 msca-2016-r7-3424-600 msca-2016-r7-3263-600

There was plenty of competition in the Clubman classes as well. Some family rivalry led to some very competitive personal bests for several drivers.


Preliminary results for MSCA 2016 Round 7 at Phillip Island have been posted on the MSCA website and final results will be published very soon.

Many Class championship points are being hotly contested and the end of year Champions will be determined by the results of the last two rounds at Sandown (2nd October) and Winton (6th November).

The MSCA has also paid tribute to their officials – it goes without saying that the MSCA’s Sprint and Regularity events could not happen without officials.  For MSCA 2016 Round 7 at Phillip Island a total of 37 volunteers, many of whom do great work behind the scenes, gave their time so that competitors could have some fun. There aren’t many clubs who can call upon the goodwill of so many.

If you would like to purchase a photo that appears on this blog or to enquire about  other photos taken at this event, please contact Classic Car Photography via our Contact Us page.

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