msca come & try at sandown

MSCA Come & Try at Sandown

The latest MSCA Come & Try event was held on Sunday 21st June 2015 at Sandown Raceway. It was a great success. msca come & try at sandownMSCA Come & Try events are conducted in conjunction with CAMS and are the ideal way for newcomers to gain a safe and well organised introduction into Motorsports. MSCA Come & Try events are held as part of standard MSCA Super Sprint and Regularity competition rounds at several Victorian race venues throughout the year.

Participants are charged a discounted entry fee which includes all necessary CAMS licenses, single day car club membership, several sessions of classroom tuition, two track sessions of about 12 minutes each with an experienced instructor in the car and generally a further two track sessions solo!

Participants in MSCA Come & Try events also learn something about the conduct of MSCA Super Sprint events, including the joys of arriving at the track very early in the morning, having their vehicle scrutineered, and waiting patiently for their next allocated track time. Plus, of course, the joy of participating in a well-run motorsport event with other like minded people.

A race car is not required and many participants take their daily driver, although there are some requirements for racing, including fire extinguishers, etc. All these issues are advised before the event so that necessary preparations can be made. Scrutineers will ensure that cars are safe and comply with regulations before they are allowed around the track.

Variety of Cars at the MSCA Come & Try at Sandown

Variety of Cars at the MSCA Come & Try at Sandown

There are no expensive requirements to wear fire-proof race suits etc although a properly certified race helmet in a must. Again, all the requirements will be made known well before the actual event. msca-2015-r4-sandown_2807 msca-2015-r4-sandown_2808 msca-2015-r4-sandown_2806 msca-2015-r4-sandown_3230

Various scenes from the MSCA Come & Try at Sandown

Various scenes from the MSCA Come & Try at Sandown

The MSCA Come & Try events have proved to be a huge success and many participants have gone on to join appropriate car clubs and compete in the general MSCA Super Sprint competition.

Anyone interested in future MSCA Come & Try events would be advised to visit the MSCA website and subscribe to their email newsletter which provides information about up-coming events, changes to regulations, advises when entries are open for events, etc. You can Click Here to visit the MSCA website.

Click Here to visit the Classic Car Photography Motorsports Image Gallery for more images from the MSCA Come & Try event held at Sandown Raceway on 21st June 2015.

All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download. Prices start at $10 for a digital download and from $15 for an 8” x 12” print (plus postage).

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