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MSCA Vic 2013 – Round 10 – at Winton

Marque Sports Car Association Victoria (MSCAV) held the last round of its 2013 Regularity and Super Sprint competitions at Winton Raceway on Sunday 3rd November 2013.

Numbers for MSCAV at Winton were a bit of a mixed bag with some regulars missing after having competed at the AROCA 6 Hour Regularity Relay a couple of weeks ago and others planning to attend Sandown Historics next weekend.  Melbourne’s Spring Racing season may also have accounted for a few drop-outs on the day as well.  Missing regulars were, however, made up by a number of visitors, some from interstate.

Some interesting vehicles in the carpark at MSCAV at Winton

Some interesting vehicles in the carpark at MSCAV at Winton

The annual Corvette Lead Foot Challenge for 2013 was also run in conjunction with this MSCAV at Winton round which boosted numbers and continued the “Marque of the Meet” concept started at Sandown last month with the Austin Healey Sprites.  Corvettes competed in a number of different run groups and the sights and sounds of the large V8s going around the track was fantastic.  I have included more information and images of the Corvettes in a separate post which you can access Here!

mscav-2013R10-winton-4021 mscav-2013R10-winton-4113 mscav at winton mscav-2013R10-winton-4195 mscav-2013R10-winton-4199 mscav-2013R10-winton-4203 mscav-2013R10-winton-4211 mscav-2013R10-winton-4349 mscav-2013R10-winton-4373 mscav-2013R10-winton-4389

Wide Range of Competitors at MSCAV at Winton

Wide Range of Competitors at MSCAV at Winton

All up, there were about 85 drivers competing in the Regularity Championship, the Marque Sports Car Championship and the MSCAV Super Sprint Championship.  The weather was overall fine but windy with a hint of rain at one stage but in general it was a great day for motorsports.  The fine weather also contributed to fewer off track incidents than we have been seeing lately and the recovery people had a relatively stress free day.

MSCAV organisers again included a familiarity session for novices and those unfamiliar with the Winton circuit before the main event got underway, which is a great way to start off the day.  During the official lunch break there was a passenger session with a good range of cars venturing out with a second person on board.  Some drivers may consider it worthwhile to think of the passenger session as an opportunity to take out a mentor on the track to pick up some extra track time and hopefully learn from a more experienced driver at the same time.

mscav-2013R10-winton-4581 mscav-2013R10-winton-4609 mscav-2013R10-winton-4737

Wide Range of Competitors at MSCAV at Winton

Wide Range of Competitors at MSCAV at Winton

Some excellent times were recorded on the day across all categories.  The last session, when many competitors had started to pack up, went for around 20 minutes and was so well regarded by those driving that the MSCAV Committee may need to consider having longer sessions as a matter of course for future events.  Some drivers managed to do up to 45 laps during the day, which ain’t bad value for money!

Preliminary times are available from the Natsoft website and official results should be available on the MSCAV website shortly.

Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images from MSCAV at Winton R10 2013.

All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download.  Prices start at $10 for a digital download and from $15 for an 8” x 12” print (plus postage).

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2 Responses to MSCA Vic 2013 – Round 10 – at Winton

  1. Allen November 27, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    These cars look amazing and people those who love classic cars would definitely have loved this race.

    • Admin November 28, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

      Thanks Allen, I have been following MSCA Vic events for quite a while and I love to see classic cars actually being driven – and often being driven hard!

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