mscav phillip island

MSCA Vic 2013 – Round 4 – Phillip Island

The Marque Sports Car Association Victoria (MSCAV) conducted Round 4 of its 2013 Super Sprint and Regularity season at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit on Sunday 21st April 2013.

mscav phillip island

Being in the right place at the right time at MSCAv Phillip Island.

Sunday morning’s weather was gorgeous and driving to the Island was a great way to start the day (even if it was a little early for some).  Clear blue sky with a few light clouds and temperatures in the low twenties.  The wind made things a little chilly at times but a jumper and windproof vest soon fixed that.

Competitor wise, it’s always a bit hard to tell what impact other major motoring events have on MSCAV entry numbers.  Sunday was the day of the annual RACV Classic Showcase event at Flemington which attracts both British and European cars and their followers.  I’m sure that there were a few Austin Healey and MG cars at Flemington that may otherwise have entered MSCAv Phillip Island.  Never-the-less, there were around 80 car and driver combinations entered (taking into account multiple drivers of the same vehicle) which was quite manageable and made for a successful day.

There were a couple of surprise entries at MSCAV Phillip Island.  A beautiful red Ferrari 458 (what other colour would it be) was first cab off the rank in the Regularity.  A white Mercedes SLS Gullwing also took to the track and similarly attracted plenty of attraction in the pit area.

rFerrari 458 at MSCAv Phillip Island

Unexpected Ferrarri 458 at MSCAv Phillip Island


Mercedes SLS Gullwing at MSCAv Phillip Island

Mercedes SLS Gullwing at MSCAv Phillip Island


Clubman (Clubmen?) Competitors at Phillip Island

Clubman (Clubmen?) Competitors at Phillip Island

MSCAV Phillip Island also included passenger sessions, whereby competitors could take a passenger along for a few laps of the track.  The passenger sessions take place during the lunch break and are usually quite popular.

Classic Sports Cars at MSCAv Phillip Island

Classic Sports Cars at Phillip Island


Variety of Competitors at MSCAv Phillip Island

Variety of Competitors at MSCAv Phillip Island

Unfortunately there were a few downsides to the day.  The number of regular Flag Marshals was down and vacancies had to be filled by volunteers who did a great job in assisting with safety management and other issues.  There were also a number of Black Flag incidents which is never a good thing.  Fortunately there were no reports of inappropriate noise levels, which has been an issue in the past.

Preliminary results for MSCAv Phillip Island have been posted at Natsoft  and final results should be posted on the MSCAv website shortly.

Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images of the 4th Round of the 2013 MSCAv season at Phillip Island.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital downloads.

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