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MSCA Vic 2013 – Round 9 – Sandown

The Marque Sports Car Association Victoria (MSCAV) conducted Round 9 of its 2013 Super Sprint and Regularity season at Sandown International Raceway on Sunday 13th October 2013.

A particular highlight of this particular round was to feature the Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club as the marque of the round.  AHSDC organisers worked extremely hard to round up additional Sprites for Competition events, the Passenger Session and a special Sprite Parade Lap.  Further details and images of the Sprite events are included in a separate post – Click Here to visit.

Despite this MSCAV event being run on the same day as the Bathurst 1000, and very ordinary weather, overall entry numbers were up on the past few rounds, helped in part by the additional Sprite competitors.  The bad weather clearly kept some regular competitors away and most drivers on the day did take things a little easier than normal.  However, keen competitors got in around 25 laps for the day and there were some excellent lap times.

The day’s activities started with several familiarisation laps led by an experienced competitor to give novices and those returning to Sandown after some time a chance to get to know the track and pick their lines for later events.  The Regularity rounds started off with a good mix of cars and a dozen competitors to start although numbers dropped off as the day progressed.

mscav sandown

Alec leads off the familiarisation laps at MSCAV Sandown

Diversity of cars in the Regularity at MSCAV Sandown

Diversity of cars in the Regularity at MSCAV Sandown

Run Group 2 was almost entirely devoted to the Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets, with a couple of MGs and a Triumph Spitfire as the only non-Spridgets.  It was obvious from comments before and after the event that the Spridget drivers certainly enjoyed having the opportunity to compete amongst themselves. mscav-2013r9-sandown-2095 mscav-2013r9-sandown-2532 mscav-2013r9-sandown-2611 mscav-2013r9-sandown-2629 mscav-2013r9-sandown-2668 mscav-2013r9-sandown-3114 mscav-2013r9-sandown-3344

Competitors at MSCAV Sandown

Competitors at MSCAV Sandown

Overall there were six different Run Groups based on expected or anticipated times, with some movement between groups based on actual performances.  As usual there was a separate Run Group consisting mainly of Lotuses (Loti?) and Clubmans (Clubmen?).

During the official lunch break, there was a fully subscribed Passenger Session where competitors could take a passenger for several laps around the circuit at close to normal event speeds.  This is a great way for anyone interested in competing in the MSCAV to get a good feel for Sprint events.  Lunch break also saw the Sprite Parade Lap which really showed the dedication of those attending as open cars and pouring rain is not a great combination.

Lining Up for the Passenger Session - Before Rain

Lining Up for the Passenger Session – Before Rain

Lining Up for the Passenger Session - With Rain

Lining Up for the Passenger Session – With Rain

Sodden Sprites return after their Parade Lap

Sodden Sprites return after their Parade Lap

Wet weather and motorsports are never an ideal combination and there were a considerable number of spins and excursions off-track throughout the day.  It didn’t really seem to matter how experienced or otherwise the driver was – water on the track, and in some cases oil, doesn’t help anyone.  The recovery vehicle was kept very busy and unfortunately the program did get behind because of the delays.


Spinning Around at MSCAV Sandown

Spinning Around at MSCAV Sandown

Rain and Motorsports Don't Always Mix

Rain and Motorsports Don’t Always Mix

Despite the weather, most competitors and support crews and followers seemed to have had a pretty good day out.  A large screen TV was in place so that those inclined could follow the progress at Bathurst.  There was a coffee van, BBQ, and hot pies, and most important of all, great camaraderie!

The last MSCAV event for 2013 will be at Winton on Sunday 3rd November, 2013, and the featured marque will be the Chevrolet Corvette.  It is hoped that around 30 Corvettes will be there.  Click Here to visit the MSCAV website.

Click Here to visit our Motorsports Image Gallery for more images from  2013 Round 9  MSCAV Sandown.  All images are available for purchase as high quality photographic prints or as digital download.

Click Here to visit our separate post on Austin Healey Sprite events at MSCAV 2013 Round 9 at Sandown.

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