Marque Sports Car Association Victoria (MSCAV)

The Marque Sports Car Association Victoria was established in 1971 to provide motorsport events for members of the member clubs with a series of low cost meetings; events that may be beyond any individual club to run on their own due to the expense of venue hire and associated costs.  High on the list of MSCAV priorities is to encourage owners of marque sports cars, particularly the historic and classic type marques, to compete in motorsport events in a safe, cost effective and well managed environment.

Regular monthly track days (called Super Sprints) are conducted under the auspices of both the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA). These Super Sprints are conducted at Sandown, Philip Island, Calder Park, Winton and on one occasion, Wakefield Park in NSW. In addition to Super Sprints, the MSCA usually conducts one Hill Climb event per year at Haunted Hills in Gippsland.  Each meeting includes both Sprint and Regularity style events.

Member clubs of the MSCAV are:

  • Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Victoria
  • Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club
  • Austin Healy Owners Club of Victoria
  • Bolwell Car Club of Australia
  • Fiat Car Club of Victoria
  • Lotus Club Victoria
  • MG Car Club of Victoria
  • Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club
  • Sportscar Owners Club of Victoria
  • Triumph Sports Owners Association

The MSCAV and member clubs are affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS).

The MSCAV list of eligible cars is loosely based on CAMS 2nd Category – Sports Cars, Group 2B and 2F Eligible vehicles. The MSCAV however is not bound by the CAMS definitions and will from time to time add or remove vehicles from the eligible list.  Competitors do not require a Marque Sports Car to compete – any car can compete in MSCAV events.

Cars are classified into a series of classes primarily based on engine capacity, with Classic and Modern sub-classes in most instances.  Competitors compete for trophies under a range of criteria, including Marque and Non-marque cars, MSCAV and Visitors, and Regularity categories.  Trophies are awarded each Round and for the entire Season.

Please refer to the MSCAV website for the current event schedule.  Competition entrants are encouraged to subscribe to the MSCAV website in order to receive regular information about MSCAV events, and also to enter events using the online entry system on the website.

Click Here to visit the Classic Car Photography photo galleries relating to MSCAV motorsport events.

Click Here to visit the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) website.

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