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New Shop Products – Events

Classic Car Photography tries to attend as many Car Shows and Events featuring classic and historic cars as possible.  We usually take lots, possibly hundreds, of photos at events we do attend and include them in our Events and Shows Image Galleries.

Detomaso Pantera

Detomaso Pantera at Motorclassica

Unfortunately it is not possible to include all those photos in our redbubble Shop so that they are available as cards, prints, posters, and so on.  Often, having too many other cars or people in the background, or having reflections and shadows, can somewhat spoil the overall image despite the subject matter being well worthwhile and even though the actual vehicle owner is quite happy with the photo in general.

Callaway Corvette

Callaway Corvette at Motorclassica

We have now started an extensive review of our thousands of Car Show and Events photos with a particular view of finding a selection suitable to feature in our Shop on cards, prints, posters, etc.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang at Motorclassica

Our starting point has been Motorclassica 2011 which was held at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Buildings, which are adjacent to the much newer Melbourne Museum.  With a little bit of photoshop magic we can pretty well remove the distracting backgrounds and “let the car be the star”.  Funny thing; many of these images are also contenders for our Red Car Collection – that possibly says something about our preferences in cars.

Please click here to visit our Events Collection at our redbubble Shop to see how these photos turn out as cards, prints, posters, etc.  We’re sure that you will be impressed – and the prices are pretty good too.

Click here to visit our Events Image Galleries to view our extensive collection of classic and historic car events, car shows, and so on.

If you see any photos in any of our Image Galleries that you would like to see available as cards and the like in our redbubble Shop, please Contact Us with appropriate details and we’ll make the necessary arrangements as soon as we can.

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