Phillip Island Classic 2014 – Touring Cars

The Production Touring Cars are a highlight of the annual Phillip Island Classic event, and 2014 was no exception.

Touring Cars are made up of two different Historic Categories:

  • Group Nb – production touring cars manufactured before the end of 1964
  • Group Nc – production touring cars of a type that were raced in Australia before the end of 1972

For convenience, and perhaps fairness and safety, the Phillip Island Classic has separate races for touring cars under 3 litres and those over 3 litres, with a further breakdown of classes based on increments of engine capacity.


Production Touring Cars at Phillip Island Classic 2014

For many classic car enthusiasts, including us here at Classic Car Photography, there is nothing quite like seeing and hearing GT Falcons, Mustangs, V8 Toranas, Camaros and Chargers tearing around the race track. Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6544_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6538_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6524_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6512_stomped

The smaller engine capacity classes feature the mighty Mini Cooper S, FJ and EH Holdens, XU1 Toranas, small Fords including Escorts, Cortinas and Capris, etc.  Throw in a few Alfas, BMWs, rotary Mazdas and the like and Production Touring Car racing at an event such as the Phillip Island Classic is simply great fun, and very competitive. Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6618_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6612_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6600_stomped Phillip-Island-Classic-2014-6652_stomped

Production Touring Cars at Phillip Island Classic 2014

Production Touring Cars at Phillip Island Classic 2014

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