Photography Challenge – Corgi Classics Trucks

At Classic Car Photography we recently faced a new photography challenge – taking photos of some Corgi Classics Trucks!

Over the years we’ve taken plenty of photos of full size trucks, but Corgi Classics Trucks are diecast models of the real thing and only 1:43 scale – only a few inches long!

I have my own collection of scale model cars, mostly Minis, and the opportunity to help out a mate who was wanting to move on some Corgi models was too good to pass up.

The level of detail on the Corgi Classics Trucks is incredible and obviously taking photos of such small things is a challenge compared to what I’m used to.

I decided to use a light tent to assist in this challenge.  I bought one a while ago with an entirely different purpose in mind but it seemed to be ideal for the model trucks.  A light tent is basically a lightweight white box with its own diffused lighting. The main aim is to provide a gentle overall light on the item being photographed and to avoid the use of the camera flash which can cause flare-ups and reflections.

Light tent set up and ready for action

My starting point was to grab a selection of 1915 Ford Model T trucks from the box of Corgi models I had been presented with.  Obviously based on the same basic model, they are sign-written in the colours, logos, etc of various brands who had presumably used the Model Ts way back when.

My particular favourite was a Model T in Ford colours which had been released by Corgi to celebrate 75 years of Ford manufacturing real cars in Great Britain.

Corgi Classics Trucks - 1915 Ford Model T

Corgi Classics Trucks – 1915 Ford Model T

There were also a number 1929 Thornycroft trucks in different configurations and brand colours.  Interestingly there is one featuring Tooheys beer, and another featuring Dewar’s fine scotch whisky.  And I must repeat myself, the level of detail is amazing!

Corgi Classics Trucks - Thornycroft delivery trucks

Corgi Classics Trucks – Thornycroft delivery trucks

There was also a 1929 Thornycroft Field Ambulance, and several others.

Corgi Classics Trucks - 1929 Thornycroft Ambulance and others

Corgi Classics Trucks – 1929 Thornycroft Ambulance and others

This particular stage of the photo-shoot ended up with a sign-written Mack Truck, again 1:43 scale.

Corgi Classics Trucks - Mack Truck

Corgi Classics Trucks – Mack Truck

This was an interesting challenge, and I hope that you agree that the photos came out quite well.

All these Corgi Classics Trucks are available on the Carmobilia eBay store, and there are more photos of each model included.

I have some more Corgi Classics challenges coming up and will post more photos in due course.

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