Sakura Picnic – All Japanese Car Show

Sakura Picnic – All Japanese Car and Bike Show, was hosted by the Toyota Car Club of Australia at Bundoora Park, Victoria, on Sunday 10th April 2016.

2016 sakura picnic all japanese car show

The 2016 Sakura Picnic was the inaugural Melbourne All Japanese Car & Bike Show and the success of the day means that the event will almost certainly be repeated in future years.  The idea behind the Sakura Picnic was to bring Melbourne’s Japanese automotive clubs together in an environment with no awards, no egos; just a relaxed day under the gums of Bundoora Park with great cars and great people.

First impression on arrival was the huge number of cars everywhere.  Organisers had plenty of signage and pink balloons everywhere – all profits from Sakura Picnic will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Next observation was that cars were parked in rows as they came in.  Many other car shows have separate areas set aside for the different marques or models, so in this case unless you came along with a bunch of mates from your car club or whatever, you were going to be parked randomly.  Not necessarily a bad thing, especially as there were no judges who would obviously prefer similar cars to be parked together.

Sakura Picnic organisers also made sure that there were plenty of food and coffee vans in attendance, and they did a great trade pretty well all day.  I enjoyed my coffee from the Coffee Cube Company, served from their Nissan Cube coffee van!

sakura picnic japanese day sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3007_lores

From a car perspective, there were classics and there were new models and there were imports.  There were cars I had never heard of or couldn’t identify.  There were restoration projects and there were plenty of modified cars.

sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3135_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3035_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3042_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3050_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3057_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3070_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3071_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3089_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3090_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3094_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3100_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3119_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3120_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3124_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3127_lores sakura-picnic-japanese-day_3134_lores

Overall, it was a real mixed bag of cars and everybody seemed to get along well.  There was even some Japanese drumming for entertainment.  Organisers should be proud of their achievements in hosting the 2016 Sakura Picnic All Japanese Car & Bike Show.

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