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Pink Cadillac at the All American GM Day 2014

All American GM Day 2014

The annual All American GM Day for 2014 was held at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood, Vic, on Sunday 9th November 2014. This is always a great event and the weather on the day was perfect! There were plenty of cars – organisers suggested over 200 on display – all General Motors products and the […]

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World's Fastest DeLorean on eBay

World’s Fastest DeLorean for sale on eBay

A modified DeLorean DMC-12 with a Buick sourced engine is now listed on eBay and is claimed to be the “World’s Fastest DeLorean.”  This truly unique DeLorean with the ubiquitous issue of power more than takes care of as you can now hit 88 mph faster than you can spell “great scott”. Rather than being […]

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