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Ford Escort at AROCA 6 Hour Relay at Winton

AROCA 6 Hour Relay at Winton – Ford Escorts

Ford Escort fans have shown a fair bit of interest in the AROCA 6 Hour Relay on the Classic Car Photography Facebook page. Here are a few more photos of Escorts from the AROCA event that we hadn’t previously uploaded to the Classic Car Photography Image Galleries. These images are all about members of the “Escorts by the […]

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Ford 1940 Coupe Licensed Body

American Classic – All New Ford 1940 Coupe Body Shell

The 1940 Ford Coupe will join Ford’s group of officially licensed steel reproduction car bodies. It’s available for ordering now, from Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts. The ’40 Coupe found its home in American culture after World War II.  Veterans came home, bought the flathead V8-equipped Ford and started adding performance parts.  The car made […]

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Ford Falcon GT

Automotive Art – Red Car Collection

Some time ago we created a special Red Car Collection gallery in our Automotive Artwork category devoted specifically to red cars. Everyone knows that red cars go faster, and we think that they photograph better too. Our Red Car Collection is unlike most of the images that we feature at Classic Car Photography in that […]

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