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Tangerine Mini in The BMC Experience

We’ve been attending a few Mini shows lately and we’re really excited that a story we did on a beautiful Tangerine Mini appears in the current issue (No 8) of The BMC Experience magazine.

A couple of months ago we posted some photos of the Tangerine Mini that were taken in Townsville.  We thought that this was such a fantastic car with a great story behind it that we submitted some words and photos to Craig at The BMC Experience magazine.  He agreed with our assessment of the car and the story is now in the magazine!

Tasty Tangerine Mini story in The BMC Experience

Tasty Tangerine Mini story in The BMC Experience

I’d like to take this opportunity to give Craig’s magazine a decent “plug”.  I have known Craig for a long time and remember collaborating with him in the programs for the VMCI Mini Shows as far back as 2000.  Craig started The Mini Experience magazine, specialising in Minis, and published 29 quarterly issues before expanding the magazine content to include all members of the BMC and Leyland family (and the new MINI).  As a consequence he changed the magazine name to The BMC Experience and has just released issue number 8.

The BMC Experience

The BMC Experience

If you’re a Mini or Moke fan, or follow MGs, Austin Healeys, Rovers, Leyland P76s, or anything else BMC or Leyland then you should subscribe to this magazine.  Apart from a great magazine, there is a huge range of BMC and Layeland oriented books available on the website.

Another quick “plug”.  Earlier this year Craig competed in The Shitbox Rally in a 1969 Mini Van travelling 9,000 kms across Australia rasing money for The Cancer Council.  Click Here to find out more on The Shitbox Rally for 2014, or Click Here to visit Craig’s Team BMC Facebook page for more details of their adventure.  Craig also has a DVD of their adventure available on The BMC Experience website.

Click Here to visit The BMC Experience website.

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