Plenty of Fords at the Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Total Performance Car Show – Maroochydore

Pacific Ford’s 8th Total Performance Car Show was held on Sunday 7th August 2016 at Maroochydore.

This year’s challenge was to have one of every Ford Australia model Falcon on display to celebrate and recognize this historic nameplate of over 56 years.  There ended up being around 200 cars on display.  The Total Performance Car Show took over the Ford dealership as well as the neighbouring Kia and Jaguar display areas.  The mystery is where all the display cars from the various dealerships went for the day to make room for the Ford show.

Pacific Ford and local Ford car clubs met the challenge pretty well but couldn’t round up an XK model, and an XL dropped out at the last moment.  A pale blue XM sedan was therefore the oldest Falcon on display, although a slightly battered XM ute parked in the street later in the afternoon.

XM Ford Falcons at Tital Performance Car Show Maroochydore

XM Ford Falcons

There was a very impressive XP coupe complete with venetians, and a red interior theme right down to red dice on the gear shift, indicator lever and door locks.

Impressive XP Falcon Coupe

Impressive XP Falcon Coupe

Other than that, there was a great display of classic, chrome bumper Falcons, many of them GTs, including a replica of Murray Carter’s XA racing car.


maroochy-ford-2016_4079_1000 maroochy-ford-2016_4076_1000

On the racing theme, Dick Johnsons’ 1984 ATCC winning XD sedan was on display.  Greens Tuf is one of the most magnificent beasts to have ever raced on an Australian track.  Dick Johnson Racing built up Greens Tuf for the 1984 Australian Touring Car Championship from the remains of his first Greens Tuf Falcon that was destroyed in that horrendous crash at Bathurst qualifying in 1983.  With consistent placings against tough opposition, Qld’s favourite son was able to seal the final Group C series championship for his 3rd ATCC crown.

Dick Johnsons’ 1984 ATCC winning XD sedan

Dick Johnsons’ 1984 ATCC winning XD sedan

Apart from a very nice XC Cobra coupe, there was a special edition Ford Sundowner Cobra panel van, and a tribute XC Cobra sedan.  There was also a special FPV 30th Anniversary Cobra ute.

A load of Cobras

A load of Cobras

Of course there was a huge contingent of FPV cars and XR club shirts and cars were everywhere as well.


In addition there was a decent display of Ford 4 cylinder cars, including an Anglia, a 1965 Cortina GT, an Escort RS turbo and some later model Focus RS, and so on.

Smaller Performance Fords weren't forgotten at the Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Smaller Performance Fords weren’t forgotten at the Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

It wouldn’t be a Ford show without at least one Mad Max car, and we weren’t disappointed.

Mad Max at Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Can’t forget Mad Max

As well as the Aussie Falcons, there was also a good display of Mustangs ranging from an early 1964 ½ model through to several GT500 Super Snakes and some 2016 fully optioned Pony cars.

Mustangs at the Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Mustangs at the Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Fully optioned 2016 Mustang Pony Car

Fully optioned 2016 Mustang Pony Car

A red Cobra and a couple of Ford GTs rounded out the display.


A number of hot rods and trucks also made their presence known.

maroochy-ford-2016_4319_1000 maroochy-ford-2016_4247_1000

Hot Rods and Trucks at Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

Hot Rods and Trucks at Total Performance Car Show at Maroochydore

V8 supercar driver Chaz Mostert made an appearance and gave a presentation, and was very popular with the crowd.


The dyno was pretty popular with some of the crowd and there were certainly some loud noises coming from the workshop.

For the younger members of the crowd there were a couple of very impressive looking racing simulators available and some of the kids came up with some equally impressive times.  There were also some very special Ford Rangers of sale for the youngsters.


Inspecting so many great cars requires a certain amount of stamina, so a coffee van provided very tasty coffee and a local scout group ran a sausage in bread operation, with plenty of cold drinks available as well.

Overall it was a great day for Ford enthusiast, or indeed any car fan.  My favourites were of the classic car variety, but there were many, many great cars on display, in neighbouring car parks, and parked outside on the street.  I’d love to be back in Maroochydore for next year’s Total Performance Car Show.

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