Volkswagen Kombi to end production after 63 years

The classic Volkswagen Kombi is set to finally end production next year, ending some 63 years of continuous production.

At the end of next year Volkswagen will stop making the Kombi (T2 in Brazil) after 63 years of continuous production.  Brazil is the only country where the Volkswagen Kombi is still being produced but this will stop as a result of new safety legislation that will be implemented in 2014.

This new legislation states that all cars sold in Brazil must come with an ABS system and have driver and passenger airbags.  VW’s product development chief for Brazil, Egon Feichter, is quoted as saying that to comply with the new legislation the Volkswagen Kombi would need to become “a new car”.

It is likely that Volkswagen will stop making the Kombi on December 31, 2013, thus ending a 63-year run of the nine-seater that was introduced back in 1950.

Feichter confirmed that it was only the new safety laws that prevented the Kombi from still being built, as it conforms to every emission regulation needed for new car markets in South America where it is still sold.

At the moment Volkswagen makes 251 units each day of the Kombi at the firm’s Anchieta plant located in Sao Paulo for the South American market.  Although the new legislation is applicable only in Brazil, Kombi production after 2013 will no longer be feasible since Brazil is its most important market.

Source: autocar


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