Wayne’s Red Nagari in Bolwell An Australian Icon

Classic Car Photography is very proud to have a number of photos we took of Wayne’s red Nagari in Bolwell  An Australian Icon, the recently released book about the history of Bolwell sports cars and the Bolwell Corporation.


This red Nagari Sports has won just about every possible Bolwell Car Club trophy awarded since 2005 and is a brilliant example of the marque.

The photos of Wayne’s red Nagari in Bolwell  An Australian Icon were originally taken as part of a photo shoot for an article that appeared in Australian Classic Car magazine in February 2006.  This was a 4 page article, with words and photos by Tony Shaw (ie Classic Car Photography).  The Nagari also appeared in a small photo on the front cover but unfortunately was not the actual cover photo, as Wayne and I had hoped!


The venue for the photo shoot was found by accident.  Wayne and I had met at Yarra Glen and from there went for a drive.  Great fun around the hills in a red Nagari sports car I can assure you.  We spotted some water through the trees and ended up by a lake not too far from a yacht club.  Couldn’t ask much more than that for a great location for photos.  The car did need a bit of a clean and polish after the dirt road in though.

red-nagari-in-bolwell-an-australian-icon red-nagari-in-bolwell-an-australian-icon red-nagari-in-bolwell-an-australian-icon

Wayne allowed me to drive the Nagari part of the way back to Yarra Glen and that was a real thrill.  Although having “only” a 302 Ford V8 coupled with a 5 speed Supra gear box (most Nagari owners stick with a 4 speed top-loader), Wayne’s Nagari was plenty powerful enough for this photo-journalist.

I thought that the photos worked out well, and thankfully so did the magazine Editor.

Thank you to Rob Luck for including my photos of Wayne’s red Nagari in Bolwell  An Australian Icon.

If you would like to find out more about the Bolwell book and possibly purchasing a copy, please visit our Bolwell  An Australian Icon page.


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