1967 Split Screen Volkswagen Kombi – European Classic

There is something particularly endearing about a Volkswagen Kombi, and this is a great example of an increasingly rare vehicle, and a testament to the owner’s dedication and perseverance in its restoration.

This classic “Splittie” Microbus was spotted in a paddock in the small NSW town of Balranald and ownership transferred for the princely sum of $150.00.  The fuel to transfer it to its new home in Melbourne cost more than that!

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

Having spent the last several years of its life as a farm shed, and some years before that as a camper and later a farm shooting vehicle, the Volkwswagen Kombi/Microbus was in a bit of a sorry state with no running gear, rust, a mixture of 6 and 12 volt electricals, missing glass, and some interesting home-made modifications.

Still, Stuart, the owner, and his brother Andrew know a thing or two about Volkswagen Kombis, Beetles, etc , and work promptly began on the restoration, aided by a collection of spare parts that the brothers had been accumulating for some time.

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

One interesting aspect of the Microbus the brothers discovered was that the rear engine vents were unlike the usual Australian vents, and it was subsequently determined that this was a German built Volkswagen Kombi.  There were various other discrepancies, including the wiper motor mounts and headlight dipper switch that confirmed its German heritage.

Over a period of time the rust was cut out and some panel work replaced; other panels were beaten into shape; the windscreen and window glass installed; the electricals were sorted; and a single port 1500 cc engine installed with appropriate German style ducting, air cleaner and tinware.

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Microbus

Parts were sourced locally and overseas in order to maintain the factory finish of the restored vehicle.

Stuart and Andrew’s efforts on the Volkswagen Kombi were rewarded with several awards at the 2007 Day of the Volkswagen, including:

  • Original Car of the Show
  • Best Kombi
  • Best Paint

Whilst the awards were great, Stuart’s greatest joy is knowing that he can jump into the Kombi and go cruising with his mates.

Click Here  to visit our European Classic gallery for more images of Stuart’s 1967 Split Screen Volkswagen Kombi.  The pictures were taken at Spotswood under the West Gate Freeway.


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